Our Products:
Dietary Fibres and Apple Extracts

Fruit and vegetables are an excellent natural basis for the production of natural ingredients. Nowadays the significance of dietary fibres as an essential component of a balanced diet is undisputed. Dietary fibres made from fruit and vegetables distinguish themselves by a high content of soluble dietary fibres. The natural water-binding capacity of these dietary fibre products is also of importance for the food industry. Herbafood Ingredients offers a wide range of dietary fibres with diverse nutritional as well as technological properties.

Fruit extracts obtained from freshly harvested apples which are gently dried after extracting the juice answer the growing demands of the consumer for natural foods and ingredients. Herbasweet® is a colour-neutral fruit sweetener with a balanced sugar spectrum, whereas Herbarom®, which is rich in polyphenols, is used as colouring agent for foods.