Citrus fibre

Citrus fibre

Herbafood citrus fibres are made from carefully dried, de-juiced and freshly harvested (and de-oiled) citrus fruits. Carefully selected raw goods are mechanically cleaned and ground to a pre-defined particle size. Herbafood offers a wide range of different fruit fibres in various ground sizes, from fine powder to coarse granules.

  • Standard functionality

Herbacel Classic


  • Balanced ratio of soluble and insoluble dietary fibres
  • Available in different particle sizes: fine powder to coarse granules
  • Fruit-specific flavour and aroma
  • Characteristic colour
  • High proportion of secondary plant substances
  • Moderate water-binding capacity (10g/g)
  • Very high functionality

Herbacel AQ Plus


  • Reduction of sugar, fat and salt possible
  • Very high water-binding capacity (25g/g)
  • Optimum emulsifying capacity
  • Builds viscosity
  • Very easy to use