Herbacel® AQ® AFB 200

    Herbacel® AQ® AFB 200

    Herbacel® AQ® AFB 200

    Functional apple fibre – Enhanced texturizer

    Apple fibres are often used as bulk fibre for enrichment. Herbafood has widened its range of high functional fruit fibres and designed a new generation of apple fibres with additional functional benefits. Compared to conventional dietary apple fibres, our Herbacel® AQ® AFB 200 offers high water binding capacity combined with excellent swelling property at cold and warm temperatures.

    These properties of the new apple fibre offers benefits in diverse food applications such as meat products, meat alternatives and baked goods. The use of functional apple fibre is also advantageous to improve the free flowing behaviour in powdered products and to minimise the anti-caking effect in fruit pieces.

    Besides its high water-binding capacity, Herbacel® AQ® AFB 200 provides a golden-brown hue in your food product. Especially in baked goods and meat alternatives, it is beneficial in order to support brown colourings. Also, in plant-based dairy products Herbacel ® AQ® AFB 200 is recommended to avoid greyish off-shades that can occur from alternative protein sources.

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    All-in-one solution

    • Clean and simple
    • 100 % Apple fibre
    • Suitable for reformulation concepts (sugar, fat, salt reduction)
    • Replacement of thickeners & stabilizers
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