The company Herbafood Nahrungsmittel GmbH based in Neuenbürg, Germany was founded as a 100 % subsidiary of the world‘s largest apple pectin producer Herbstreith & Fox on 1 February 1980.
    At a time when the outstanding nutritional importance of dietary fibers was unknown to broad levels of the population, the management sensed the strategic importance of this subject and realized it commercially


    In 1988 the Herbafood Nahrungsmittel GmbH moved its registered office to Ötigheim, a town located south of Karlsruhe and close to Rastatt. The new company facilities offered various possibilities of use for the young company.


    In 1993 the Headquarters of Herbafood Nahrungsmittel GmbH moved to Werder/Havel, the location of the multifunctional and efficient production site of the Herbstreith & Fox subsidiary Herbstreith & Fox GmbH Werder.


    The introduction of Herbacel® AQ Plus Apple and Citrus combined the nutritional advantages of dietary fibers with technological attributes that were unique up to then.


    The Herbafood Nahrungsmittel GmbH started its online presence with substantial and diversified information about the Herbafood products and its application.


    In 1999 the Herbafood homepage was revised and received a new design.


    The Sweetener product range was expanded with a new type. With the introduction of the new type Herbasweet® AS 02-A we succeeded in obtaining a sensory neutral product with a higher content of extract (78g/100g).

    The company name of Herbafood Nahrungsmittel GmbH was changed to Herbafood Ingredients GmbH to accommodate a proceeding internationalisation and the growing relevance in the global market.


    Herbafood products are Kosher certificated.

    The Herbafood Ingredients GmbH replenished its product program with other innovative dietary fibers. The company offers the widest range of dietary fibers in the market and provides the whole food and health food industry with nutritionally valuable and highly effective dietary fibers for all sorts of applications.


    Introduction of the new corporate design of Herbafood Ingredients GmbH
    As a subsidiary of Herbstreith & Fox KG Pektin-Fabrik Neuenbürg, a global leading pectin manufacturer, the Herbafood Ingredients GmbH operated under the corporate design of the parent company up to 2003.
    The new visual identity is part of a long-term corporate strategy.


    Introduction of quality management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2000


    Herbafood celebrates its 25th anniversary


    Re-certification DIN ISO EN 9001:2000
    Halal certification of Herbafood products


    herba cuisine – the latest product innovation herba cuisine represents a basic product for the sophisticated gastronomy that revolutionises the natural finish preparation of food with innovative food technology


    New Herbafood website goes online:
    The new website of Herbafood Ingredients GmbH presents itself with a new design, elaborate functionality and a distinctive performance.
    Fully in accordance with the corporate philosophy the image presents itselfs clearly and structured in a harmonic colouring and satisfies all along the line


    Presentation of this pure vegetable texturizer, neutral in colour and taste “BASIC textur®” to the market.


    Herbafood Ingredients GmbH obtains the Intergastra Innovation Prize 2014 (food category), Internorga Future Prize 2014 (category trendsetter product food and beverages) as well as the Brandenburg Innovation Prize 2014 (category food) for its product innovation BASIC textur® (Product division herba cuisine).

    Herbstreith & Fox KG Pektin-Fabriken, Herbstreith & Fox GmbH and Herbafood Ingredients GmbH successfully passed the certification process according to the Food Safety System Certification Standard (FSSC 22000).


    Herbafood Ingredients GmbH obtains the 4. award for BASIC textur® (product division herba cuisine) – STAR AWARD 2015 (category: Food & Beverage)