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      Image brochure: Herbafood product variety

      Apple extracts
      Product brochure: Apple extracts
      Herbarom® – The flavouring and colouring apple extract
      Herbarom® – Natural brown colouring for meat alternatives and meat products
      Herbarom® – Natural brown appearance of savoury products
      Herbarom® – The natural brown-colouring apple extract for gluten-free products

      Product brochure: Dietary fibres for a healthy diet
      Herbacel® AQ® Plus Citrus – The functional and highly water-binding citrus fibre
      Herbacel® AQ® Plus – Clean & Simple – Natural fruit fibres for fruit products: Preventing caking and creating texture
      Herbacel® AQ® Plus Citrus – For optimising the quality, calorie content and cost of burger patties
      Herbacel® AQ® Plus Citrus – For reducing fat and salt content in savoury products
      Herbacel® AQ® Plus Citrus – Ice cream
      Herbacel® AQ® Plus Citrus – Drinks
      Herbacel® AQ® Plus Citrus – For adding texture to pulpy low calorie drinks based on fruit juice
      Herbacel® AQ® Plus Citrus – Emulsions
      Herbacel® AQ® Plus Citrus – For the manufacturing of vegan and Clean-Label emulsions

      Fibre and pectin blends
      Herba ComBind® I – Functional fibres for innovative ice cream concepts