Plant-based meat alternatives

Texturising plant-based meat alternatives

Multifunctional citrus fibres

At Herbafood, we are certain that the shift towards plant-based eating will continue to play a major role in human nutrition. Consumers are looking for more sustainable products and for a wider variety by plant-based alternatives in their daily nutrition. New ingredients and production methods facilitate to mimic the taste, texture and consistency.

Properties of multifunctional citrus fibre Herbacel® AQ® Plus Citrus in plant-based meat products:


High water-binding

Emulsifying properties

Clean label

In combination with methyl cellulose, additional functional advantages such as better form stability, can be highlighted for minced-meat products, plant-based chicken alternatives or vegetable cold cuts. Even in high-water or low-fat formulations, Herbacel® AQ® Plus Citrus supports a juicy taste and a natural texture of your plant-based meat products.

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Our recommendation for texturising plant-based meat alternatives:

HERBACEL® AQ® Plus Citrus

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