Vegan burger patties

    Vegan burger patties

    Vegan burger patties with apple extract

    Natural brown colouring with Herbarom®

    What´s in the buns? Vegan burgers have captured the Zeitgeist and represent a promising growth market for the food industry. Current products based on soya or peas now have very similar tastes and textures to traditional beef burgers. They look the part too, with red beetroot extract imitating the characteristic pink centre of a medium-rare beef patty. But how can you get an intense brown colour on the top of the patty and keep the pink centre? Herbarom’s Clean Label apple extract is the ideal colouring for vegan burger concepts.

    Why use Herbarom® in vegan burgers?

    • Herbarom is a natural way of intensifying the typical red colour associated with raw burger patties.
    • While cooking, Herbarom helps to change the colour of the patty from red to brown – just like real meat.
    • It is declared as ‘apple extract’, making it perfect for Clean Label concepts.
    • Herbarom promotes the positive, natural image of vegan burger patties.

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    Product features

    • Produces a golden yellow to dark brown colour, depending on the amount used
    • Bitter, fruity flavour
    • Highly versatile
    • Available in a range of colour intensities
    • Sweetened and low-sugar versions available

    More about Herbarom®

    Herbarom is the first choice when it comes to bringing out the taste and colour of food products without resorting to isolated aromas or colourings. Since Herbarom is made from an apple extract, it has a thoroughly consumer-friendly image that can be explicitly leveraged in advertising and marketing campaigns. As it’s an apple extract, it also meets consumers’ expectations that food should be made using all-natural ingredients wherever possible.

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