Highly functional Dietary Fibres
and Apple Extracts

Herbafood Ingredients GmbH is a competent supplier of high-quality food ingredients of plant origin. As a pioneer in the area of health-promoting enrichment of food we offer a comprehensive range of dietary fibres with focus on fruit-derived fibres. One of our preferred raw materials is the apple from which we obtain not only dietary fibres but also apple sweetener as well as colouring and flavouring apple extracts. Besides this we develop the right dietary fibre mix, the optimum sweetening concept or the innovative dietary supplement for your successful market presence.
Dietary fibres and apple extracts – two pillars of a natural and health-conscious diet.
Products which are in line with the philosophy of Herbafood are high in quality, honest in their raw materials and they add market value for our customers.
Please do take advantage of our experience and know-how!