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Highly functional fibers and apple extracts

As a specialist in multifunctional foods, we offer an extensive range of functional dietary fibers – such as citrus fiber or apple fiber. One of our preferred raw materials is apple, from which we obtain not only functional fibers but also our naturally coloring, flavoring, and sweetening apple extracts.

Contemporary Clean Label concepts

Our multifunctional citrus and apple fibers, as well as our natural apple extracts, are important pillars for contemporary Clean & Simple concepts. Our multifunctional fibers are a perfect fit for declaration-friendly formulations, for example, for the production of vegan emulsions based solely on our fibers, as well as for stabilization, texturization, viscosity enhancement, etc. in various food applications.

Produced in Germany

We produce our plant-based ingredients exclusively at our German locations. The careful use of resources has always been a high priority for our family-run business. As a responsible employer, we care about the people around us, support local development and are involved in many social projects.

Product development & application technology —
at the highest level

Herbafood Ingredients stands out for its high level of product development and application technology. Excellent product competence in application technology and many years of experience form the basis for a reliable and trustworthy partnership with customers from the processing industry. We specialize in product solutions with a high degree of functionality that optimally meet contemporary Clean Label requirements. Our current domains of expertise include the stabilization of emulsions, cream cheese alternatives and vegan product concepts.

Quality management —
guaranteed quality level

The quality and safety of our products meets the expectations and requirements that our customers, employees, suppliers and society have of our company. We comply with all relevant requirements in accordance with the statutory framework, regulatory requirements and the ethical standards of our society. Product and process quality is objectively verified through certification, customer and supplier audits.

Subsequently, after successful years of quality assurance according to DIN EN ISO 9001, we introduced the globally recognized Food Safety Management System according to the Food Safety System Certification standard (FSSC 22000), with the initial certification process in October 2014.

This certification is evidence of a functioning food safety management system that meets the strict requirements of the international FSSC 22000 standard, which is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Through regular monitoring audits, we confirm that our quality and food safety management system is an effective tool that we fully embrace and utilize for the continuous improvement of our products and services.

Quality, purity and safety

Certificates from Herbafood Ingredients

Our history

— A family-run business in constant upward movement


Incorporation of Herbafood Nahrungsmittel GmbH in Neuenbürg, Germany, as a subsidiary of Herbstreith & Fox GmbH & Co. KG Pektin-Fabriken

product launch


product launch


Relocation of the production site to Werder (Havel)


product launches


Change of name to Herbafood Ingredients GmbH; internationalization on the global market


Expansion of the product range to include additional dietary fibers


Introduction of a quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001:2000


Presentation of the brand
» HERBA CUISINE, basic products for contemporary cooking


product launch sugar-reduced variant


product launch powder variant


Introduction of the Food Safety System Certification standard (FSSC 22000)


Introducing the brand
an apple pectin to maintain normal cholesterol levels

2015 to date

Continuous further development of the product portfolio