Our brand products
— Clean & Simple, safe and always exactly what you need!

Fruit and vegetable fibers —
dietary fibers and multifunctional fibers

  • Texturing and stabilization
  • Emulsifying properties
  • Increased viscosity
  • Improved mouthfeel
  • Aroma intensification
  • Heat resistant

Herbafood recommends

Coloring and sweetening apple extract —
the exciting extras

  • Natural brown color, from golden yellow to dark brown
  • Natural sweetness from apples
  • 100% apple extract
  • Clean & Simple

Herbafood recommends

Low-viscosity pectins and
apple pectin extracts —

for that real plus in dietary fiber

  • 100% soluble dietary fiber
  • Natural raw material apple
  • Stable at low pH
  • Together with functional fiber solutions for individual product concepts

Herbafood recommends