From simple dietary fiber
to multifunctional fiber

The importance of functional fibers

Versatile and beneficial in the food industry

Our citrus fibres are ideal for binding water, texturizing, emulsifying and stabilizing foods. This makes them a multifunctional natural ingredient.

The high water binding capacity of the fibers leads to an improved texture and consistency of the food. The emulsifying property ensures an even distribution of fat in products such as dressings or sauces.

The citrus fibers are neutral in taste. As a result, they can optimize fat, salt or sugar-reduced alternatives that offer consumers the same organoleptic impressions as conventional products.

Our many years of expertise will help you to find the right functional fiber or their optimal combination for your application. We support you from recipe development through to the claiming of sales-promoting product benefits.

Fact check

Herbafood fibers

Apple and citrus fiber with a typical sensory profile for fiber enrichment
Oat fiber with a high content of insoluble fiber
Functional apple fiber with excellent cold swelling ability and water-binding
Multifunctional citrus fiber with emulsifying capacity and high water-binding