Benefits of Herbacel® AQ® fibers in ketchup

  • Optimal texture
  • Minimization of syneresis
  • Improved aroma release, thus less salt possible
  • Heat stability
  • Development of a yield point
  • Substitution of emulsifiers, stabilizers and thickeners
  • Clean Labeling as “apple fiber” or “citrus fiber”

Importance of Herbacel® AQ® Plus for food production

Our multifunctional fibers – especially HERBACEL® AQ® PLUS – are the perfect choice to compensate for the lower mouthfeel in reduced-sugar ketchups – without compromising on texture. Herbafood offers various multifunctional dietary fibers for your individual recipes. Feel free to get in touch!

Natural sweetness and coloring of ketchup

Do you want to add a balanced sweetness to your ketchup, or intensify the coloration of the products such as dark brown BBQ sauces? Our coloring apple extract HERBAROM® and our sweetening apple extract HERBASWEET® are suitable for this use in tomato-based products.

» HERBACEL® AQ® PLUS – The perfect ketchup with no sugar and salt added and without compromising on texture

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We will be happy to furnish you with additional documents, recipes, and fact sheets on the HERBACEL® AQ® PLUS product and other Herbafood applications. Contact our team of consultants to access individually relevant information on product-related applications, as well as the latest findings from research, development, and application technology. We look forward to hearing from you.

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